Ways to Energize Your Mantra Practice

Are you looking for ways to energize or start a new mantra practice?

Make it a treasure hunt to find a mantra that reflects the intention that you want to invite into your life! Check out Yoga and Mantra posts on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Mantra practice is meditation and should be approached the same way that you meditate. Clear your space, light a candle and some incense, and start with breathing. Create your own ritual around chanting. 

Create an altar for your intention as a focal point and to make the practice feel more magical.

RELAX! There is no judgement, no lightning bolt from the Gods that will occur if you think you are doing it "wrong". Approach from the heart and with joy. This is a ladder to bliss. Practice makes "perfect".

Listen and chant with practiced mantra teachers and chanters. Deva Premal is amazing, but there are so many! Find the one that resonates and use it to improve your pronunciation and practice. Thomas Ashley-Farrand has some audio programs. You can also check out my mantra playlist on Spotify.

Write the mantra down phonetically. In the beginning, I recommend writing the mantra down, especially if you are using Sanskrit mantras. This is another language so prompts are really helpful!

Chant when you have time and space to do it. When working with a new mantra or if you are starting new to mantra practice, give yourself the room to evolve. 

FEEL the vibrations - mantras are divine vibrations and will affect various areas of your physical and subtle bodies. I like to keep a journal for my mantra practice and make notes about each one.

Notice how you feel, notice your chakras, notice areas of resistance. Do NOT chant if something feels uncomfortable or painful.

Explore the meanings and deities that are attuned to each mantra. Use deity images for visualization while chanting.

Chant out loud. Sing your mantra. Chant in a whisper. Repeat it in your mind. Find the way that this mantra wants to express through you. Sometimes, I just chant and sometimes I sing.

Don't forget to breathe! Breath is very important. If you are just starting, play the recording of the mantra and just practice your breathing so that when you begin chanting, it feels more natural.

Tea and honey are wonderfully nourishing for some throat TLC.

Once you begin, do it every single day. Pick one mantra and make a commitment to recite it everyday for 40 days.

Mantra may be used with a mala, just for meditation, with mudras, and yoga! Introduce one thing at a time until you feel comfortable and then proceed.

HAVE FUN! Take this at your own pace. Listen to several mantras before choosing one. Or simply begin with OM.

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