Goddess Tarot Oracle Card Readings
Goddess Tarot Oracle Card Readings
Goddess Tarot Oracle Card Readings
Goddess Tarot Oracle Card Readings

Goddess Tarot Oracle Card Readings

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Goddess Tarot Oracle Readings are given by Kimberly F. Moore - Founder and Priestess of MotherHouse of the Goddess. She has over 22 years experience reading. 

Do you feel dis-connected, dis-jointed and need some guidance?  We sit together in sacred space – my Soul Seed connected to your Soul Seed and ask for divine guidance. The call to Goddess, Your Guides, Your Guardians is sent out!

Are you ready to Take the Next Step and just need clarification?  To Create ~ To Stand in your Power ~ Feel Whole ~ Embrace the Life that you are meant to live personally, emotionally, professionally, spiritually.

Goddess, Tarot, Oracle Readings are part intuition, part Goddess cards, part Tarot and Oracle cards, and lots of Goddess energy.  I bring my 20+ years of experience as a Diviner and Priestess of Goddess to the table.  You bring your questions and energy. Together, we invite Goddess into the sacred space that we create and allow the messages to flow.

Available as a 30 min reading or as a 60 minute reading. 

We will discuss the energies that are around you and affecting your life currently, as well as future energies that may influence you. There is an opportunity for questions. These readings are by appointment only and are usually scheduled within a few days of contact. The readings are done via a conference call line that is recorded. After the reading, I will send the recording and a photo of the initial spread.

Included in the phone Readings:

  • Recorded consultation with mp3 sent to you
  • Unlimited questions within the scheduled time of the reading
  • Clarification and guidance using Goddess cards, Tarot cards, and/or Oracle cards
  • Photo of the primary cards emailed with mp3

***Upon purchase, Kimberly will reach out via email to schedule your reading.

What Women Are Saying:

I have had readings from Kimberly and mentoring as part of Priestess Within and O.M.Goddess, she’s amazing!! With Kimberly as a guide, I have gone deeper, faster and further than I thought possible. She’s gifted, intuitive and entirely devoted to helping you.  My advice to anyone wanting to flourish and deepen their connection to goddess is jump in! I think you’ll be surprised. Be helped. Be profoundly impressed! ~ Terra Mar, Summer 2017


I’m always amazed at how cards, in the correct, trained, intuitive hands, can be an amazingly powerful tool for insights and guidance. During our session, I could hear her connection with her Goddess Guides and intuition kick in on a whole new level, providing me with a wealth of straightforward, solid wisdom, and doable, sensible actions. Kimberly’s deep knowing of the Goddesses, her command of the cards, and her no-nonsense yet mirth-infused style provided me with excellent new ways of thinking about present situations and new ways of approaching the future. It’s been a few weeks and I’m still referring to Kimberly’s advice, and still wowed by how spot-on it is. When you need no-nonsense advice from a divinely feminine perspective, book a Goddess Card reading with Kimberly! TG