Inca Jade Tumbled Stones - Large
Inca Jade Tumbled Stones - Large
Inca Jade Tumbled Stones - Large

Inca Jade Tumbled Stones - Large

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Inca Jade is jade from Peru with pyrite inclusions and a darker green color. I love the energy of Inca Jade, especially for money, prosperity, and luck rituals and workings. Carry it to attract prosperity and also use in crystal grids.

Jade is regarded as a stone of health and long lifeIt is also considered a good luck crystal and has a gentle but persistent energy that works from the heart chakra through the root chakra. 

Keep jade near you to attract positive thinking, prosperity, and goal-oriented visualization. Jade naturally brings harmony and confidence. It may also be used as a dream stone to help remember dreams by placing the Jade under your pillow before sleep.

Also called Jade Nephrite. Chinese Jade is a lighter green in color. 

Deities that love Jade: 

  • Nua Kua - Chinese Goddess of Order 
  • Green Tara - Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist Blessing Goddess
  • Kuan Yin - Buddhist Goddess of Compassion
  • Gyhldeptis - Native American Goddess of Integration
  • Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of Abundance
  • Ix Chel - Mayan Moon Goddess
  • Ganesh - Hindu God of Release and Liberation

Stones are large and measure 1 inch plus. 

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