Orange Selenite Mini Spheres

Orange Selenite Mini Spheres

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From the first moment that I held a piece of Orange Selenite, I fell in love. The energy is at once grounding and exhilarating. It elevates meditation and spiritual connection with Guides, Guardians, and Goddesses. I also find that Orange Selenite is an amazing stressbuster - it works wonderfully to be carried or placed close in your environment.

Each orange selenite mini sphere measures approximately 40mm in diameter. 

Orange Selenite can be used for:

  • boosting self esteem
  • energizing your root chakra with feelings of safety and security
  • dispels negative energy by pulling in the energies of your personal guides and guardians 
  • powerful stone of manifestation for personal goals
  • can remove blockages from your physical and etheric bodies
  • used in grids for homes to invite the energies of peace and comfort
  • includes all properties of white selenite as well

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