Ix Chel Goddess Altar Kit
Ix Chel Goddess Altar Kit

Ix Chel Goddess Altar Kit

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Ix Chel (pronounced “eeshell”) is a Mayan Triple Goddess of fertility, waters, blood mysteries, weaving, healing, and medicine. Seek Ix Chel for empowerment, syncing to the inner and outer lunar tides, and regeneration. For those in or emerging from abusive situations, Ix Chel provides protection and healing.

Included in the Ix Chel Goddess Altar Kit:

5x7 Altar Card of Ix Chel by Katherine Skaggs

2 oz. Ix Chel Spray - An aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, cacao, and black pepper essential oils by Red Wholistic.

5 ml bottle of Dragonfly Oil by Daughters of Isis - Dragonfly is one of Ix Chel's totem animals and assists in the regeneration, healing, and rebirth through Goddess.

1 piece of Palo Santo - Holy Wood

Crystal Bundle with 3 Intuitively chosen crystals that align with Ix Chel. Pictured is Orange Selenite, Malacholla (an unique crystal that is malachite and chrysocolla), and Rutilated Quartz.

BONUS Goddess Herb Bag for incense or your altar - includes Calendula, Copal, Life Everlasting, and Cacao and is scented with Ix Chel's blend in a cotton/muslin bag.



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