Mami Wata Altar Kit

Mami Wata Altar Kit

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Mami Wata is called Mommy Waters, La Sirene, and also Santa Marta, La Dominadora (the Dominator). She syncretizes with the Orisha Goddesses Yemaya and even sometimes Oshun. Depictions in art and statuary are as a mermaid with a fish tail and also as a woman with a serpent balanced in both hands over her head (as pictured in the included altar card).

In her role as Goddess of Oceans, we appeal to her as nourishing mother, keeper of primal waters of the womb. She heals and can bring us respite and peace in emotionally chaotic times.

As La Dominadora, Mami Wata/Santa Marta brings control and peace to households. Have an unwanted guest? Mami can show them the door! 

Included in the Mami Wata Altar Kit:

1 Altar Card

1 oz Mami Wata Goddess Spray

1 Chrysocolla - aligns with deep empowerment of feminine energies

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