Mary Magdalene Goddess Altar Kit
Mary Magdalene Goddess Altar Kit

Mary Magdalene Goddess Altar Kit

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In honor of the Feast of the Magdalene (July 22), I have put together a gorgeous altar kit for Magdalene devotees. We honor her as Priestess, Teacher, Mystic, and Beloved of Jesus and invite the attunement of her sacred energy.

Included in the Mary Magdalene Altar Kit is:

Altar card of Mary Magdalene 5x7 by Katherine Skaggs

2 oz. Mary Magdalene Goddess Spray - An aromatherapeutic blend of blue lotus, spikenard, lavender, and rose de mai essential oils in a rosewater base from Red Wholistic.

3 crystals - Rose Quartz heart, Garnet, and Quartz Crystal with bag.

Sandalwood Mala/Prayer Beads

Goddess Herb Bag for incense or your altar - includes Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Sea Salt, and scented with the Magdalene's blend in a cotton/muslin bag.


Prayer on the Altar Card:
“O Mary Magdalene, 
you are the sacred womb, 
High Priestess of Initiation adored, 
Anoint me and revive my cellular wisdom 
that the Sacred Feminine be restored.”


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**Bowl pictured is not included. 

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