Amethyst Mala Prayer Beads
Amethyst Mala Prayer Beads

Amethyst Mala Prayer Beads

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Deep Purple Amethyst Mala made from grade A amethyst. The mala beads are approximately 8mm and the mala measures 32"-34" long. Use for meditation and Goddess practice!

Through amethyst, we tap the depths of wisdom and sync into the knowing of Goddess and our Higher Selves. Amethyst is the Stone of Wisdom. It facilitates purification, divine connection, and provides spiritual protection.

Amethyst stimulates the Crown and Third Eye chakras making it an excellent stone for meditation and divination. Lightworkers, Priestesses, Practitioners,  and Healers can all benefit from use of amethyst in mantra, hands-on, and psychic practice. It evokes the violet flame of spiritual and psychic protection, making it almost mandatory for inner planes work.

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Malas are sets of beads used for prayer and meditation. "Mala" is a Sanskrit word meaning "garland". Goddess Malas may be used for mantras, chanting, prayer, meditation, to wear, and to adorn your altars and Goddess statues. There are traditionally 108 beads with a focal point bead, sometimes called a guru bead. Smaller malas may come in derivatives of 108 beads. Malas may be made from bone, gemstones and crystals, wood, and seeds and are typically 6mm to 10mm beads.

All of our Goddess Malas have been hand-picked for quality and enhancement of your Goddess practice. The Goddess Malas are available individually and as part of Goddess Ritual Kits and Altar Kits.