Besom and Brew Witch Kit

Besom and Brew Witch Kit

Regular price $ 66.00

Ready to get your Witchy Self inspired? We have just the Witch Kit for your altar work - Besom and Brew!


  • 1 Mini Besom (measures 6 inches)
  • 1 Mini Iron Cauldron (measures 4 inches across)
  • 1 5 ml. Broom Oil to bless your besom
  • 1 Standing Quartz Crystal Point (measures 2 inches+)
  • 1 Obsidian Skull
  • 1 Orange Selenite Crystal
  • USA Shipping Only - International please inquire

Herb packs are available. Please send me a note for what you are looking for or your intention. 5 Herbs for $13.00 with this kit.

About Broom Oil from Daughters of Isis: 

BROOM OIL: (Cystius scoparius) CLAIRIFYING, WEATHER WORKING, HANDFASTING, COURAGE Be care-full, Broom can sweep you up! Broom is a masculine plant under the guardianship of Mars aided by the element of Air. Use the Wind! Traditional ritual usage is in purifying, weather working, protection and divination. Broom Oil will sweep fear and confusion away! Use this oil to assist your work with focus and energy. It will cleanse confusion from your vision when you are doing divination work or when your need to concentrate is vital. Most potently, Broom Oil purges your Sacred Space between worlds effectively when pushed by your charge.