Rainbow Hematite - Set of 2 Stones

Rainbow Hematite - Set of 2 Stones

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Rainbow Hematite  is also known as Turgite.

Rainbow Hematite is a powerhouse for a little stone! It is a combination of Hematite and Goethite and is also called Turgite. Rainbow Hematite is a wonderful stone to keep close when divining and meditating as it dissolves negativity and brings calmness and clarity to the mind. May also be used in healing and energy grids effectively.

Work with Rainbow Hematite to clear your aura and assist you in seeing the auras of others. It also enhances clairaudience and facilitates the attunement to the ethereal realms – Angels and Goddesses. By activating Rainbow Hematite to work with your psychic centers, you are in a space to receive clear messages while transmuting energy that is not necessary. 

Holding Rainbow Hematite gives a tingling joyful burst through your whole body!

Each order includes 2 stones.

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