Ruby in Kyanite Premium Crystal Wands

Ruby in Kyanite Premium Crystal Wands

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Elevate your sacred ceremony with these premium Ruby in Kyanite wands!

Each wand measures 5 inches long.

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"Ruby is a stone that encourages one to “follow their bliss.” and is a sociable stone that attracts sexual activity through its stimulation of the base chakra. Ruby promotes positive dreams and clear visualization, stimulates the pineal gland. Ruby is a stone of courage, dispelling doubt and relieving anxiety. Ruby inspires one to be who they are supposed to be. Ruby is one the stones of abundance and aids retaining wealth and passion.

Kyanite slices through confusion, dispels blockages, illusion, anger, frustration and stress. Kyanite is excellent crystal tool for attunement and meditation. Kyanite is tranquilizing and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities, intuition, and enhances one's ability to download information from higher sources. Kyanite crystal connects to spirit guides and instills compassion, grounding spiritual vibrations, and brings spiritual integrity and maturation."