Ruby in Zoisite - Ayolite - Set of 2

Ruby in Zoisite - Ayolite - Set of 2

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Lakshmi LOVES this stone! 

Anyolite is the official name for this gorgeous, naturally occurring combination of Green Zoisite (and occasionally purple) with deep red Ruby stone.

This stone carries the energies of BLISS and JOY - SRI (Lakshmi as auspiciousness manifest!) and is a powerful activator of the heart chakra.

Uses for Ruby in Zoisite:

  • Happiness, appreciation, gratitude, bliss, and joy
  • Assists in releasing feelings of anger, stress, and trauma from the past
  • Use to boost your life force and increase your vitality
  • Physically it can boost your immune system and adrenal fatigue


You will receive set of TWO Ruby in Zoisite - USA shipping included